Spa-@-Home Recipes: Brown Sugar Body Scrub

By Britt Brown, LMT

If you’re like me then you probably love the way your skin feels after you’ve gotten a full-body sugar scrub treatment at your favorite local spa, but unlike me you probably can’t trade those awesome body scrubs with your fellow co-workers, and chances are that unless you’re rolling in extra cash you probably can’t afford body scrubs as much as you’d like. To help you achieve that spa-quality body scrub feel I’m sharing with you one of my personal body scrub recipes, I’ve used this recipe for myself since I was in college, and I absolutely love it for its versatility and simplicity. Check it out!

First thing’s first, grab yourself out a small to medium sized mixing bowl and a rubber spatula, because we’re not mixing this together on the floor, after that you’ll want to grab the following ingredients from your bathroom and pantry:

  • 2.5oz of organic brown sugar
  • 1oz of organic cane sugar
  • Your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend
  • 0.5oz of your favorite body oil (I use the “Herbal Massage Oil” blend from Sacred Earth)
  • One 4oz resealable container (a small glass jar with a lid works great)

Once you’ve gathered all of that together, the rest is pretty simple, just follow these instructions:

  • Combine organic brown sugar, organic cane sugar, and your favorite body oil in the small bowl, adding body oil as necessary until the mixture just begins to run off the rubber spatula.
  • Stir in 10drops of your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend.
    ***Be sure to check if your essential oil and/or essential oil blend is “safe for topical use” before adding to your body scrub!***
  • Carefully pour your body scrub mixture into your resealable 4oz container, seal it, and store it in a dark cool place until it’s ready for use.

Voila! You now have your own spa-quality body scrub, made with love for yourself by yourself, and with ingredients found in your pantry at home! How’s that for spa-quality products on a minimum wage budget? Feel free to ask questions, post your experiences, and share your own Spa-@-Home recipes in the comments!

Get all of the ingredients you need to make this recipe at Mountain Rose Herbs!

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Hey there! My name is Britt, I've been working in the lovely state of Oregon as a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2008, and I want to share my knowledge and experience with you! Follow my blog to find awesome self-care tips and learn how you can bring spa-level luxe into your daily routine. Do you have questions about massage therapy, self-care, or about how to book Well-Go tiny spa services for your next event? Be sure to write me an email or leave a comment!

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