Spa-@-Home Recipes: Matcha Mud Masque

By Britt Brown LMT

Let’s face the facts, as much as I wish I could say “everyone should go to the spa once a each quarter and receive a full-body mud masque treatment,” inflation is real and some of us need to use our gas to get to and from work. Instead, what I am going to tell you is that for less than the cost of a day at the local spa you can afford to make yourself a year’s supply of body masques, so that you don’t have to choose between self-care and a full tank of gas. Let’s break it down, shall we?

If you’re looking to spend a day at the spa here in Oregon, then you’re probably looking at spending anywhere from $200 – $600 for a spa package including a massage and usually one or two additional services (such as a body wrap or facial), and what you’re paying the most for is the practitioner’s time and the spa’s ambiance. Most of the materials used to make the products you find in spas – cosmetic clays, massage oils, essential oils, etc. – those are all available for bulk purchase to everyone, and if you don’t mind a DIY project you can save yourself quite a bit of money on self-care in the long run.

When buying in bulk for my Well-Go tiny spa “Spa-@-Home DIY Kits”, I purchase all of my ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs and Sacred Earth Botanicals, because I’ve found they both tend to have the highest quality products available, and at the most reasonable price. Below I’ve outlined what I pay (on average) for my bulk products and how many “Spa-@-Home DIY Kits” I’ll typically get out of my purchase; for reference, each kit can either be used to make one full-body mud masque or in several applications to trouble areas.

What I usually buy, and what it costs…
(1) 1lb bag of French Green Clay = $16.00
(1) 1lb bag of Matcha Tea (*optional) = $100
(1) 1oz bottle of Lavender Essential Oil = $21.50
(1) 8oz bottle of Jojoba Oil = $23.00
(6) 4oz amber glass jars = $16.75 (~$2.80/jar)
(6) 1oz amber glass bottles = $5.25 (~$0.88/bottle)
Total Cost for all supplies = $182.50 or $30.42/kit

For less than the cost of a spa day I am able to buy enough products to make up to six of my full-body DIY Matcha Mud Masques Kits, but here’s the thing, you could spend even less if you really wanted to. If you feel like your skin is happy with just the French Green Clay, forget about the Matcha Tea and save yourself $100! Planning t0 use your spare jam jars instead of buying fancy amber glass jars? Great, you just saved $22! Regardless of which way you go, you are still going to save hundreds of dollars, and the stress of having to choose between self-care and paying your bills.

To give you a better idea of how to make your own Matcha Mud Body Masque, I’ve included my recipe below along with a TikTok video to help you navigate the process, check it out! In the video I’m making a small batch recipe, so if that’s what you’re wanting to make follow the measuring guidelines laid out in the video, if you’d like to make a full-body batch then use the measurements provided in the recipe below.


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Get everything you need for this recipe at Mountain Rose Herbs!

Matcha Mud Body Masque Recipe…

You will need the following items:
A small mixing bowl
A whisk
A kettle of hot water
A 4oz glass storage container w/ lid
1oz of Matcha Tea (powder)
2oz of French Green Clay (powder)
1oz of Jojoba Oil
Lavender Essential Oil or any other preferred essential oil, so long as it is safe for topical use (can be applied to skin).


In your small mixing bowl combine your Matcha Tea and French Green Clay.
Slowly whisk in your Jojoba Oil, hot water, and 10 – 15 drops of your essential oil
Continue to add small amounts of hot water until the mixture drips slowly from your whisk, or is a pudding-like consistency.
Apply/use desired amount of body masque and place the remaining materials into your glass storage container and store up to 3mos for continued use.

Important info…

Check yourself before you wreck yourself – I know you think you’ll be fine, but trust me when I say DO. A. SPOT. CHECK. Taking the time to test your product on a little 1’ x 1’ square on your wrist will not kill you, but NOT doing it might make you wish you were dead, so just save yourself some pain (and possibly a trip to urgent care) and do a spot check.

If you have a skin condition – check with your health care provider before applying this mask, and similar products, to be sure they won’t end up aggravating your condition. It may seem like you’re “bothering” your health care provider with these kinds of questions, but trust me – we would rather answer your questions today than help you deal with the side effects tomorrow.

Start with clean skin – it is sooooo important to NOT mix your products unless you are 100% positive that the products you use won’t either counteract or react to one another. Allergic reactions are real, chemical burns are real, and that is why we ALWAYS start with clean skin when applying a body treatment.


Body Masques are not regulated by the FDA; this product and its recipe are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

To wrap up…

A day at the spa is truly an amazing experience, one all of us should be able to enjoy on a regular experience, but you don’t have to bust your budget to make it happen. You can turn your home into a haven from the chaos, you can create that landing pad that you’ve been needing at the end of the day, and that relaxing oasis you’ve been craving is easier to manifest than you think. Take care everyone, you deserve it, and be well!

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