Body Care Breakdown Podcast

Welcome to the Body Care Breakdown podcast! Our host Britt Brown, is a Licensed Massage Therapist with over fourteen (14) years of experience helping people care for their bods. Join them and their fellow healthcare practitioners as they explore all of the weird and wonderful ways we heal ourselves, and each other. In this episodeContinue reading “Body Care Breakdown Podcast”

Celebrating Local Pride

By Britt Brown LMT In honor of World Pride Month, Well-Go tiny spa would like to shine the spotlight on and celebrate some of the amazing LGBTQIA+ resource providers and community leaders here in Lane County. The groups of super-humans organizing and managing these groups, resources, and services are nothing short of amazing. The wayContinue reading “Celebrating Local Pride”

Spa-@-Home Recipes: Brown Sugar Body Scrub

To help you achieve that spa-quality body scrub feel I’m sharing with you one of my personal body scrub recipes, I’ve used this recipe for myself since I was in college, and I absolutely love it for its versatility and simplicity. Check it out!