Medicinal Plant Profiles: Arnica montana

Arnica montana is a flowering and herbaceous perennial plant that grows between 1 – 2ft tall. Its flowers are yellow-orange in color, and have a similar appearance to daisies. The stems of the plant are round and hairy, and end in one to three flowers that are spaced roughly between 2 – 3in apart.

Medicinal Plant Profile: Wintergreen

If you’re like me you might be surprised to find that, despite its delicious minty smell, wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) isn’t a member of the mint family and looks nothing like a mint plant at all! In fact, wintergreen is a low lying perennial evergreen shrub, consisting of small erect branches that sport leathery oval shaped leaves, and beautiful white flowers that bloom in the Spring and give way to bright red berries in the Fall.

Body Care Breakdown Podcast

Episode 3 – Q&A w/ Gabriel Springsnow & Jade Stay Hey there listeners! Sorry for our recent radio silence, we took a break to visit with our families and recharge our creative juices, but we’re back! To thank you for your patience, here’s a snippet from our Facebook Live Q&A with Gabriel Springsnow (LMT andContinue reading “Body Care Breakdown Podcast”